Cosmetic Test Labs is an established, independent testing laboratory serving the companies that make cosmetics and personal care products. The lab was founded by Dr. Benjamin Tanner. The lab is knowledgable, reliable and offers some of the fastest test turnarounds in the industry.

Cosmetic Test Labs' testing services include:

The scientific staff is experienced, friendly, and well versed in FDA rules and regulations and current test methods, including USP and CTFA.

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Cosmetic Test Labs offers a wide array of testing services for both large and small companies.

Cosmetic Test Labs is a seamless partner for large companies. Studies run by the lab are independent, marketable, and reproducible. Cosmetic Test Labs can also help with laboratory overflow, freeing scientists for product innovation. If your firm would like a free consultation to evaluate the advantages of working with Cosmetic Test Labs, simply contact the lab today.

Cosmetic Test Labs is also favored by small companies. We can help your company decide which test is appropriate and necessary, given your budget and overall manufacturing operation.

To get you started, we have outlined the five tests every cosmetic producer should know. If you have questions, just give the lab a call.

Consultants serve a crucial role in the personal care industry, giving ingredient advice, identifying formulators, and finally, helping manufacturers choose a reputable laboratory. Consultants know the importance of preservative challenge studies, stability studies, and routine screening for the presence of bacteria and fungi. Cosmetic Test Labs is a great partner to consultants. Our goal is to underscore your recommendation to use our lab by providing easy, affordable, and accurate testing to your customers, time after time.

Cosmetic Formulators: Nobody knows better than Cosmetic Test Labs that personal care product formulation is a blend of art and science. We have learned that experience in cosmetic formulation matters, and can serve as a trusted partner to evaluate the microbiological and physical stability of formulations in a cost-effective, rapid manner.


To ensure product safety, and therefore compliance with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, all companies should do regular product testing including aerobic plate counts on finished goods and a preservative challenge testing on each formulation.

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If testing is in order, the lab will provide you with a no-pressure quote for testing. If your request is highly specialized, we will gladly refer you to a cosmetic testing laboratory or personal care product testing laboratory that can help. Here is a website tour of many resources you will find at Cosmetic Test Labs.

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